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David Chase Clarifies 'Tony Soprano Death' Comment; Won't Reveal Character's Fate

SPOILER: Should be obvious from the title, but we're going to be talking about The Sopranos ending.
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SPOILER: Should be obvious from the title, but we're going to be talking about The Sopranos ending. 

It's been seven years since Sopranos fans everywhere thought their cable went out just as the show was going to close out a magnificent 86-episode run. And after the initial shock rubbed off and we realized that was it and all the "WHAT THE FUCK?!"s were spewed at their respective television screens, everyone had to take sides on what they believed...

Was Tony dead or not? Did his life of bad karma finally catch up with him, showing us that bad guys (even if they do help completely revolutionize modern television storytelling) get what they deserve?  Or did Tony and A.J. talk tough over who gets the last onion ring? Well, in an interview with Vox's Martha P. Nochimson, David Chase's admirably strong spine finally gave in to this needle of a question about Tony's fate from a friend (who happened to write a wonderful essay on the man that will forever be foreshadowed by the big reveal). So is Tony dead?

"No he isn't." - David Chase to Marta P. Washington

There it is, sandwiched in the middle of Martha's intriguing piece about a possible interpretation of the ending and a look at Chase's work as a whole. Understandably, the minute this was posted on Vox, the internet went crazy and television critics were brewing coffee in preparation of cranking out their "What does this mean?" essays.

Only now Chase is saying he didn't really say that.

Through his publicist, Chase clarified:

"A journalist for Vox misconstrued what David Chase said in their interview. To simply quote David as saying," Tony Soprano is not dead," is inaccurate. There is a much larger context for that statement and as such, it is not true. As David Chase has said numerous times on the record, "Whether Tony Soprano is alive or dead is not the point." To continue to search for this answer is fruitless. The final scene of The Sopranos raises a spiritual question that has no right or wrong answer."

So...everyone's right? Or everyone's wrong? Either way, here's to those of you who don't stop believing: