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Big Announcement Coming at The Daily Banter - Help Us!

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In the next couple of weeks, we'll be making a pretty big announcement here at The Daily Banter.

What is this about? Well, you'll have wait and see, but we think our readers will love it and get behind us. So just trust us on this one.

So what is it that we want from you right now?

Your email address.

Not to spam you with an article feed or try to sell you shit, but to let you know before we announce it on the site so that we can get your feedback. Why are we doing this? Because we want to build a closer relationship with Banter readers and let them know what we're up to behind the scenes. We have a very active readership who participate in conversations on the site, share our articles on Facebook/Twitter etc, and send us emails with tips and praise (well, not always praise....).

Your email address will be used ONLY by The Daily Banter and won't be shared with ANYONE. We take your privacy incredibly seriously and wouldn't ever take advantage of your goodwill. If you don't like the first email you get from us, just click 'unsubscribe' and you're off the list for good.

So pop your email in the box below, confirm, and you'll be hearing from us in the next couple of weeks!