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Atheists Believe In God, Say Kevin Sorbo and Crazy End Times Pastor In Dumb Conversation

Did you know atheists believe in god? Professor Sorbo explains in this idiotic radio exchange.

On Tuesday, actor? -- yeah, let's go with actor -- Kevin Sorbo told End Times pastor Rick Wiles on the latter's radio show that atheists are angry and filled with hatred. Wiles, you may remember, is the guy who said an Ebola outbreak in the United States could give the country a much need "attitude adjustment" when it comes to homosexuality.

In one segment, Sorbo rued the increased profile of atheists on television, saying, "There's a lot of things I don't believe in. I don't get angry about it and form foundations and groups and get on TV and go crazy."

The conversation deteriorated from there:

Wiles: The truth is, Kevin, they know he exists.

Sorbo: Of course.

Wiles: They hate him.

Sorbo: That's exactly what it is and that's pretty much what my character is in the movie God's Not Dead. I mean, I know these guys must believe in something. Otherwise they wouldn't get so angry about it. And they don't like the fact that there's a higher power out there judging how they live their lives.

A very quick response from Christopher Hitchens will suffice here:

Thanks, Hitch.

What Christians like Sorbo, Wiles, Sean Hannity, and many others don't seem to understand is that atheists and secularists aren't fighting a nonexistent god, but rather the nutters who want to foist religion -- any religion -- into other people's business. In the exchange, Sorbo lamented the atheist objection to nativity scenes on public property, which to remind him, is a violation of the Establishment Clause.

But more than nativity scenes, Christians still -- in the year 2014 -- are trying to inject creationist garbage into public school curricula while making brazen attempts at indoctrinating students into the faith.

Most atheists also don't believe in astrology, yet they're not clamoring to remove astrology from public parks, schools, and buildings. Why? Because astrologists aren't pushing their hokum in those places. Astrologists are entirely content with their 20 square inches next to the daily Sudoku puzzle, and frankly, that's fine by me. And most of the scant few groups and people out there who seriously bother to warn against astrology do so out of religious motives.

Religion hates competition, you see.

Sorbo, Wiles, and everyone else is free to believe anything they'd like even when there is absolutely no evidence for it, but they cannot expect others to accommodate their peculiar beliefs and then play the victim of atheist "hatred."

h/t: Right Wing Watch

Image credit: Fox News