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Gay, Black Michael Sam Sacks and Mocks Cocky White Male Johnny Manziel

Football is awesome sometimes.
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Last week, it was reported that former referee Mike Carey hadn't officiated a Redskins game since 2006 because he had discretely told the NFL he was uncomfortable with their name. This week there's another bit of heartening sports news to share in hopes that it helps balance out all the guilt that builds up more and more each year in the back of our minds.

Over the weekend, the St. Louis Rams played the Cleveland Browns and in the fourth quarter, Michael Sam, the NFL's first openly gay player, drafted in the 7th round, sacked "Johnny Football," also known by his birth name as Johnny Manziel, the 1st-round draft pick who is pretty much the living definition of "maturity issues."

After doing so, Sam mocked Manziel by imitating Manzeil's trademark "money" celebration (seen here with hip-hop emo kid Drake)

"If you're going to sack Johnny, you've got to do that once," Sam said, only to add the way-too-polite, "He's a talented kid. He isn't called Johnny Football for nothing. It was fun getting to play against Manziel in an NFL game" as well.

Sometimes it's hard to love sports, especially pro football, but right now, as a journalist, I get to write this statement:

The openly gay, openly black Michael Sam sacked white asshole Johnny Manziel for a loss of 6 yards on Saturday and then mocked him by imitating the gesture that the very white Manzeil appropriated from hip-hop culture, a predominantly black art form, in the first place.

Football is awesome sometimes.