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Live from Ferguson: SWAT and a Storm Arrive

More media here than protesters. It was always going to come to this.

The memory of last night's peaceful protest ending in a police crackdown on remaining stragglers was juxtaposed against a much quieter day on West Florissant. The main thing to note has been that there isn't much to note. Throughout the early evening, the march wasn't much of a march, only a few haphazard groups of people walking by and chanting. It was damn hot today though, and there was speculation that once the sun went down it would be a different story.


However, there had been a lot of talk on the television today about how last night's relative lack of violence might mark a turning point in all of this and now that it's actually evening and only a few people line West Florissant with no one actually marching, it looks like they might be right.

Still, SWAT rolled in with five vehicles from three separate departments just a little while ago. Their teams seem relaxed but there's a new development here: dark skies. About an hour ago grey clouds started to form in the distance, and now they've completely covered us. The sky is black and flashing with lightning, meaning this could be a washout.

My eyes still burn and for some reason so do my hands -- a lot.

More updates to come.

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