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Facebook Went Down On Friday and This Is How the World Reacted

Facebook went offline briefly on Friday, igniting incredible human drama around the world.

On Friday around noon Eastern Daylight Time, the social network giant Facebook went down for the second time since June. Many of Facebook's 1.2 billion users were greeted with the following error message upon trying to access the website:


Shortly after the outage, chaos ensued in many parts of the world as millions of Facebook addicts took to the streets to vent their frustration. Luckily we happened to capture 12 powerful images of people around the globe trying to cope with a world without Facebook.

1) President Obama and Vice President Biden monitored the outage on a special News Feed.


2) While in Brazil, police sought to Block marching protesters.  


3) As a Facebook riot raged in Vancouver, a couple decided this was the only way to publicly affirm their Relationship Status.


4) In North Korea, Kim Jong-un Shared his frustration with his inner circle.


5) Over in Britain, Help came too late for Facebook's London office.


6) In Nigeria, a group of young men sent a Message by burning Mark Zuckerberg in effigy.


7) And in Vietnam, this monk experienced his final Life Event after deciding not to live in a world without Facebook, however temporary.


8) In Greece, an austerity protester who was already protesting added yet another grievance on his Profile


9) Over at the Vatican, Pope Francis did not Like what he was seeing.


10) In New Jersey, a blimp pilot became so distracted from constantly hitting Refresh, he crashed his zeppelin.


11) In Ukraine's parliament, the Notification was not received well.


12) Finally, in Italy, a graffiti artist Tagged a wall to say the end is near.


With Facebook now back online, it would seem as if a worldwide crisis has been averted.

For now.