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Coming Soon: Chemtrails, the Movie

America, fuck yeah.
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A couple of months back we told you about an Arizona state senator whose constituents were so terrified of the rise in so-called chemtrails in the skies over their heads that she decided to hold an official town meeting to discuss the "problem."

Republican Kelli Ward of the Lake Havasu City area apparently represents the most baselessly paranoid bunch of yokels anywhere in the country, because she's the same state lawmaker who last year proposed legislation barring Arizona from cooperating with the NSA, and her chemtrails forum was of course nothing more than a silly unicorn hunt. But it got the attention of a guy who's making a movie about chemtrails and he says he now plans to include footage from it in the finished product.

Did I mention that the movie isn't a documentary? No, it's a scripted drama called Poison Sky and it's going to star Kevin Sorbo, formerly of Hercules and more recently from the Christian agitprop feature God's Not Dead. Post-Hercules, Sorbo's seemingly made it his goal to star in a lot of melodramatic schlock targeted squarely at the American fringe; going from a stridently Christian movie to one involving chemtrails isn't really much of a leap when you think about it given that both require a willingness to shill for something that doesn't exist.

In the movie, Sorbo will reportedly play a Norwegian shipping tycoon who deals in mysterious chemicals, presumably what will be sprayed throughout the air onto unsuspecting sheeple all across the country. The whole thing is being helmed by somebody named Steve Wargo, who says about the movie, "What we hope to convey to the public is, doctors dismiss (chemtrails), and the government or whoever is behind this is not being honest. I just want people to look up in the sky and see that it’s not like it used to be." He says he wrote the script for Poison Sky back in 2001 but at the time it met with thunderous cricket noises from Hollywood. In the intervening years, however, America's embrace of conspiracist lunacy managed to net him enough cash to make the film a reality.

So this is where we are now: with an elected official holding a public meeting to discuss the concerns of people who are scared of clouds and somebody turning the whole thing into a movie aimed at validating that kind of ignorance. America, fuck yeah.