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Fox News Quits Bashing Obama For Taking a Vacation So They Can Bash Him For Interrupting It

Just when you thought Fox News had already reached the bottom of the barrel.

President Obama's family vacations have long been a subject of bitter fascination for the media (and not just the conservatives), but for sheer derangement, you can't beat Fox News' dissatisfaction at the news that Obama will actually spend two days working at the White House in the middle of this year's vacay.

At Thursday's White House daily briefing, White House press secretary Josh Earnest was grilled about the President's plans to come back to the White House on August 17 for two days of meetings with staff, then return to Martha's Vineyard for the remainder of his vacation. There was the usual mix of concern-trolling about the wisdom of even taking a vacation while the world still exists, and whether the return to D.C. was just for "optics," concerns that Earnest greeted with some familiar responses:

"Whenever the President travels anywhere -- and this will be true when the President travels to Massachusetts at the end of this week -- that he travels with an array of communications equipment and national security advisors that will allow him to perform all of the functions that are required of America’s Commander-in-Chief. That’s true of any trip that he takes, and it will be true of the trip that the President takes this week."

"...There have been questions raised by some of our critics about the optics of two- and three-day travel that the President’s engaged in. The President recognizes that he is President of the United States 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever he happens to be. And the President will be in a position to fulfill the core functions of the Commander-in-Chief and ensure for the safety and security of the American people wherever he travels. That will be true when he travels at the end of this week. That will be true for the entirety of his time that he is in Massachusetts."

If that first response sounds familiar, it's because nearly identical POTUS-away-from-home boilerplate was first perfected by the Reagan administration while Ronald Reagan was chilling at the ranch through a Middle East crises, a deadly hurricane, and a downed jetliner. As Earnest later noted, there is no vacation (or other diversion) too small for the President's deranged critics to seize upon.

As it turns out, though, they're not even happy when the President rolls up his sleeves and gets some work done in the middle of his vacation, either. The news that the President is returning to D.C. was greeted with anxiety at Fox News, as several of their anchors speculated that the return home had to do with Obama's plan to "amnetize" undocumented immigrants:

"There's going to be some vacation interruptus.

"Could that be the big unveiling of the executive action to amnetize these people?"

They're at least partially right, President Obama is almost certain to take some sort of action on immigration that will have the effect of "amnetizing" some undocumented immigrants (if eligibility to apply for temporary work permits equals "amnesty"), but without speculating on why he is coming back, there's no reason why meetings on "amnetization" couldn't take place via teleconference.

Whatever the case, the President's critics, by slagging him when he takes a vacation and when he returns to D.C. during one, are just demonstrating what a bad, politics-ruining President Obama is for deranging them like this.

(h/t Matt Wilstein, Mediaite)