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CNN Lets Ben Shapiro Back On To Lie About Israel Again

The douche is loose once again.
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The yet-to-go-through-puberty editor at Breitbart and generally annoying douchebag Ben Shapiro is making quite the name for himself working as an unpaid spokeschild of the Israeli government, and CNN is doing its best to help him.

After absurdly criticizing CNN (on CNN) for helping kill Jewish babies last week, Shapiro was invited back to take part in a discussion on CNN Tonight where he continued to argue that Israel is not responsible for killing Palestinian civilians because Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel, saying:

"The nonsensical idea that Hamas is firing rockets because somehow they're mad about imprisonments in the West Bank or that they would stop firing rockets if Israel were to release the prisoners that it holds is nonsensical and idiotic."

Peter Beinart, an intelligent commentator who has tried to counter the incessantly biased reporting on the conflict, tried to explain to Shapiro that as an advocate of the forced transfer of Palestinians from their land, he is a "true moral and ideological partner(s)" of Hamas, who want the same thing. Not happy with that comparison, Shapiro told Beinart that "Hamas celebrates when you're on TV."

Shapiro: You heard the fellow from the U.N. say just a little while ago that they are working with both Palestinian and Israeli sources. The Palestinian sources they are working with on the ground in the Gaza Strip are in large part Hamas, Palestinian Authority or Islamic Jihad sources, who have a great interest in ensuring that the American people and that the rest of the world believe that a huge number of civilians have been killed, which -- it's the same reason why they're putting civilians in front of rockets on a regular basis.

It's an interesting dialogue and perfectly represents the extraordinary efforts Israeli apologists will go to in order to justify the unjustifiable.

In order to rationalize occupying someone else's land, Shapiro operates on the basis that a completely alternate reality exists. The narrative he presents is one where Israel is being attacked while the inhuman Arabs want nothing more than the Jewish state's annihilation. So rabid are the Palestinians that they will sacrifice their own children for the cause, and Hamas 'celebrates every moment' people like Beinart go on television to defend them. 

It's a nice little story, but it's utter nonsense if you have a grasp of even the most basic facts and history of the region. Also, the notion that the Palestinian children are somehow responsible for being blown to bits by 'precision' Israeli rockets isn't just wrong, it's flat out disgusting. The conflict has killed 408 children so far, and Israeli actions in Gaza have been condemned by the UN and the majority of the international community.

So barbaric have Israel's methods been that France has called for action over what it described as "massacres" of innocent civilians. After Israel hit a UN school sheltering 3,000 civilians, it has become impossible to claim 'self defense', yet Shapiro continues to hawk the notion that it was a necessary evil. 

Any serious news organization would refuse to air nasty little trolls like Shapiro, who come on with the sole intention of lying and smearing other people. But then this is CNN, a news organization that provided free advertising for the Iraq war and counts Wolf Blitzer as one of its star attractions. So when proud racists like Shapiro, who say things like, "Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage," come on to accuse them of helping kill Jewish children and grossly distort the words of other guests, then no problem!

Great job, CNN.