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LISTEN: Fox News Covers House Benghazi Report Vindicating Obama

We promise you'll want to hear this.
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Declassified findings released by the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee this week have demonstrated that there was no Benghazi cover-up, and as of right now, there are exactly zero stories on Fox News' website about it. Fox News Channel failed to mention it at all on Monday, while Politico reports that Fox is still pretending there's nothing to see here. That's "Fair and Balanced" at work for you.

The supposed Obama administration lies about the attacks? They reflected the intelligence community's assessment. Prior warnings that were ignored? Taken seriously, but weren't enough to predict the assault. The stand-down order that left Americans to die? Never happened. Rumors of illegal arms trafficking to Libyan militants fighting the Qaddafi regime? Completely made up.

All of this and more was revealed in the declassified report compiled by the committee itself. Twelve Republicans and one Democrat couldn't find a single snippet. But you might have missed this latest, totally official rebuke of Republican conspiracy theories surrounding the 2012 Benghazi consulate attack if you were watching Fox News, which has gone totally dark on the issue. That's very strange, considering that Fox spent 16 and a half hours -- including over 225 individual segments -- on Benghazi in just the two weeks after Republicans announced their intent to form a special committee investigating the made-up "scandal."

Altogether, eight separate investigations by various amateur Republican detective squads have uncovered no official wrongdoing whatsoever, so the latest report probably won't calm down the sleuths on the right who still think they'll find bones if they only dig deep enough into Obama's closet.

But it is fun to see Fox News caught with its pants down, taking a yet another dump all over its "credibility." The only conspiracy here was a deliberate and increasingly desperate attempt by the GOP to smear President Obama over the senseless deaths of four Americans.