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There's a Ben Carson Super PAC Run By John Philip Sousa's Great Grandson and He's Totally Nuts

John Philip Sousa IV seems barely literate, but that hasn't stopped him from raising $7.2 million for a possible Ben Carson presidential run.

In further proof that 2016 will be very embarrassing for Republicans, rising conservative star Dr. Ben Carson is moving closer to a presidential bid. The pediatric neurosurgeon, who once called Obamacare the worst thing “since slavery” and looped in bestiality and pedophilia when talking about gay marriage, is now forming a political action committee and selecting a campaign chairman.

Personally, I’m thrilled: Saturday Night Live will finally be good again.

But let’s ignore Carson for a moment in favor of a chat about the chairman of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee super PAC: John Philip Sousa IV. Why? Because if this guy wants you to be president, well, that should immediately disqualify you.

Although Sousa has met Carson only once, he has so far raised $7.2 million for him.

Sousa is the great grandson of the patriotic composer and conductor responsible for 'Semper Fidelis' and 'The Stars and Stripes' Forever. He's also a classic birther whose website (which appears to have been created in 1985) says he has “followed in his great grandfather’s footsteps not as a musician, but as a citizen of the United States who is passionate about helping to stop the misdirection his country is taking."

What is that direction? Well, on a page titled “An Activest” (sic), he lays out the problems he sees in this country:

“Obamacare, amnesty, EPA run a muck (sic), sky rocketing (sic) taxes, 16 trillion dollar deficit, lowest work force participation in generations, highest welfare participation EVER….”

In addition, he's a prolific Facebook user, posting upwards of a dozen conservative news articles, comic strips and pictures per day. As you might expect, he takes a very strict view of the unaccompanied minors currently coming across the border:

"What a horror story, tens of thousands of kids (with perhaps 300,000 more on the way), kids with highly contagious illnesses, gang members anxious to rape and pillage throughout the US."

In the last several days on his page, he has also referred to all Muslims as “scum bags” and to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) as a “lying piece of crap bitch.”


Oh, and also this:


And this:


Just in case you were questioning his level of patriotism, Sousa also sells his own hand painted American flagson his website, which look like this:

Unfortunately, Sousa’s “fun photos” page is currently not working.


While many of the people who hold these views and are bold enough to post them online are usually just our crazy relatives we only see around the holidays, this man is currently in charge of a PAC that is wielding millions of dollars.

Yay America!

Originally posted on Politically Inclined.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore