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Think Israel isn't Colonizing Palestine? Look at This Map

If you don't believe Israel is colonizing Palestine, just look at this map. It should clear up any notion that this is a 'both sides are bad' conflict. It isn't.
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The above image was used as part of an ad campaign on train platforms in New York in 2012. Henry Clifford, the chairman of the area’s local Committee for Peace in Israel andPalestine purchased the billboard space in order to raise awareness of the overt colonization of Palestinian land by Israel. The image is an incredibly important tool to help understand those unfamiliar with the conflict exactly what has happened over the past 60 years in the region. It shows very clearly Israel slowly but surely eradicating Palestine as a meaningful state.

If you don't believe Israel is colonizing Palestine, just look at it.

As we've been covering the latest Israeli assault on Gaza, the comments section has been flooded by readers with very strong opinions as to who is to blame for the escalating violence. Many of our readers grasp the reality of the situation - that this isn't a 'both sides are bad' crisis - it's an almost exclusively one sided affair with Israel stealing Palestinian land and bombing them to pieces. However, some readers believe the inverse is true. For example, here's 'Howencia's' take on the situation:

Hamas has fired 10,000 rockets and mortars at Israeli women and children in the past 5 years.

They started this latest problem by firing rockets again at Israeli civilians although they know they are stunningly incompetent and can't do any damage.

They fired them surrounded by there own women and children hoping the Israelis would fire back and kill their women and children.

How do I know these facts for sure?

I am a retired Marine Colonel that has seen the way these Hamas cowards operate up close and personal.

They are cowards who have no interest in a fair fight.

They also put no interest on women or children- not even there own.

That is why 300 million Arabs have never defeated 6 million Jews- and never will.

This type of ignorance needs to be highlighted and debunked over and over again. You cannot claim you are being attacked while occupying someone else's country. It's as simple as that.