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Quote of the Day: Fox News Has Your Obama Impeachment Conspiracy Theory

It's always entertaining when Fox News' Andrea Tantaros tries to think, sort of like watching a kitten try to get its head out of a jar it somehow got stuck in.
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"I think President Obama is baiting Republicans with impeachment, so that he could set the stage to actually do something worthy of impeachment."

-- Fox News's Andrea Tantaros on Outnumbered this afternoon

It's always entertaining when Andrea Tantaros tries to think, sort of like watching a kitten try to get its head out of a jar it somehow got stuck in. When Tantaros squeezes her eyes shut real tight and you can practically smell the smoke coming from the gears turning in her brain, you're pretty much guaranteed to get some doozy of a statement, like:

Watching the footage of that Malaysian woman that was being played over and over last night, it’s just so sad. But think how long it took for them to get this kind of media attention? I mean, living in Malaysia, the government seemingly ignored these people. They didn’t want their stories out. They weren’t talking to them. You see the cameras rolling. They were saying, 'No one has come to my house. No one has told me what has happened.' Feels like the families of Benghazi. Just saying.


"Obamacare was never about getting people covered. It was never about lowering premiums. It was about getting votes.

Or maybe...

When radical Muslims are outnumbered or dominated they're more docile. Now they're not.

Or even...

I’m just wondering, at 15 years old, is the Obama daughter, Malia, going to go on birth control? Are they gonna put her on birth control? Because he’s very concerned with the contraceptives and pharmaceuticals that are going in the mouths of everybody else’s 15-year old daughter.

And now here she is again, basically pulling one of those "just sayin'" conspiracy theories that Fox News specializes in directly out of her ass, wondering aloud whether President Obama might be using the Republican talk of impeachment as cover to do some really impeachable things. This follows Steve King's hilariously melodramatic contribution to all the I-word talk yesterday, in which he said that Obama is a "narcissist" who wants to be "martyred" by impeachment proceedings.

I swear, it gets harder and harder every day to remember a time when the Republican party was something to be taken seriously.