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Quote of the Day: Dangerous Idiot Jenny McCarthy Wonders Whether Hillary Clinton Is Gay

Jenny McCarthy: Come for the anti-vaccination crusading; stay for the irresponsible implications.
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"Well, maybe he has his girlfriends and she has her girlfriends. You never know. Maybe they have an arrangement.”

-- Jenny McCarthy on Hillary and Bill Clinton, this morning on The View

It's always important to keep in mind that not only is Jenny McCarthy a tireless crusader for dangerous pseudo-science, she's also a world class idiot.

To wit: This morning on The View, a show that revels in being a reliable dispensary of world class idiocy, McCarthy and her co-hosts were discussing a new book which claims that Bill Clinton has a mistress quietly referred to as "The Energizer" by his Secret Service detail.

During this conversation, McCarthy wondered aloud whether Bill and Hillary Clinton have "an arrangement" in their marriage. McCarthy took it a step further, though, implying that Hillary may have female partners on the side rather than male. Like most other thoughts in McCarthy's head, this one isn't all that interesting or original; conservative media figures have been trying to pejoratively paint Hillary Clinton as a lesbian for years (because in their worldview, "Woman Who Doesn't Take Any Shit from Them" = "Dyke").

And yet there's something especially obnoxious about Jenny McCarthy trying to turn the accusation into a salacious joke. She no doubt thinks it's harmless and it probably is for the most part -- certainly less harmful than, you know, telling impressionable soccer moms not to vaccinate their kids -- but it still adds fuel to a lie that some would happily use to damage Hillary.

Say what you will, The View is watched by millions and, as Sherri Shepherd said in response to McCarthy, one of its hosts just put that out there for those millions to chew on.