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How Kim Jong-un's Leg Injury Really Happened

It's the press release you've all been waiting for.

Pyongyang, July 8 (KCNA, Korean Central News Agency of DPRK) --Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, has sustained a small injury to his right foot. It has been much speculated about in foreign press, especially in evil America, which everywhere wishes to bring upon an end to socialism.

Despite American lies about the wound, it has been revealed that it was attained during a hard-fought battle last week with the wicked president of America, Barack Obama, who sought to usurp all that Kim Jong Un has worked heart and soul to provide for the People's Republic.

The battle occurred when aggressor Obama tried to lead an army of elite soldiering units into the Republic from the American puppet South Korea. Upon hearing of the attempted incursion, the glorious Kim Jong Un, Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, hurriedly advanced from Pyongyang to the south to meet the invaders at front. A great battle was fought upon the arrival of the Dear Leader and the army, who valiantly opposed and repelled the obvious act of American aggression. After felling the American invaders, the People's Army withdrew to leave Kim Jong Un to do battle with Obama, who was the last standing on the field among the Americans.

Though Obama was armed with much sophisticated weaponry, Kim Jong Un faced him unarmed. The Dear Leader handled Obama bravely and showed no signs of trepidation in the battle. Using precise techniques of hapkido, Kim Jong Un successfully disarmed Obama of his weaponry. During the Leader's onslaught of mighty kicking thrusts, his right ankle was sprained only slightly. Obama was more greatly injured because of the strength of the Leader, who is a renowned hapkido and weightlifting champion.

Obama was mortally wounded during his act of war. In his wondrous benevolence, Kim Jong Un has returned him to America so that the Americans can mourn their leader and also see that the people of North Korea are truly prepared to defend their land against evil machinations.