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Joe Rogan's Spanking of a Militant Anti-Hunter is Awesome

Witness Joe Rogan's thorough demolishment of an uninformed, angry anti hunting activist who took the time out of his day to call Rogan a 'pathetic cave worm' and a 'shit' because he goes hunting.
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The problem with having a cause you spend every waking hour getting angry about is that it's pretty much impossible not to be a hypocrite in some way. Eco-warriors who demand everyone recycle and buy ethical coffee are most likely to be found jetting around the globe on expensive, C02 emitting vacations, while anti-gay campaigners can often be found in public bathrooms feeling up members of the same sex.

The anti-hunting crowd rank up there with some of the worst offenders, not just because many of them wear leather, eat meat and use animal products, but because they don't know what the f*ck they are talking about. Witness Joe Rogan's thorough demolishing of an uninformed, angry anti-hunting activist who took the time out of his day to call Rogan a 'pathetic cave worm' and a 'shit' because he goes hunting.

Here's a screen shot of the offending tweet (since deleted):

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 6.42.27 PM

And Joe Rogan's very even tempered, devastating response using facts and some  basic common sense:

Killing animals for fun is certainly a different story, and those who hunt for the thrill are fair targets for criticism. But there are many factors that should be taken into account when it comes to the traditions of hunting - namely the conservation of particular environments under threat of overpopulation. Killing is part of nature, and many animal rights activists seem to ignore very basic laws of ecology in order to fit their particular world view.

You don't have to love hunting, but at least acknowledge your own part in killing animals if you aren't a tee-total vegan, and pause before making an idiot out of yourself.