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The Israeli Ambassador's Twitter Q&A Is Already Going Exactly as You'd Expect

This is going to be ugly.
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One of these days someone will learn that unless you're a universally beloved figure, like a nun who saved a bus load of drowning orphaned harp seals or maybe Bryan Cranston, it's probably best to stay the hell away from volunteering to do a Twitter Q&A.

Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer is about to find that out the hard way. His time in the Twitter strike zone hasn't even officially begun yet -- it's scheduled for 8:30AM ET tomorrow morning -- and the whole thing is already shaping up to be a disaster.

As soon as the promotion for it hit social media under the hashtag #AskDermer, the crowd started lobbing exactly the kinds of questions you'd expect at the U.S. spokesman for Israel and PR flack for what that country has dubbed "Operation Protective Edge."

Gird your loins -- this is gonna get ugly.

Dermer couldn't have picked a worse time to do something like this given the story making headlines out of Gaza right now. Four young boys, cousins, were killed on an empty beach yesterday while trying to run from Israeli shelling. Their desperate attempt to escape the weapons-fire and the explosion that took their lives were caught on camera by journalists nearby. This incident is already at the very top of the list of things Ron Dermer is being grilled about by Twitter in the pre-Q&A onslaught.