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Gun Group Founder Jokes About Killing Obama Like She Wants a Job At Fox News

Fox viewer and gun lunatic Kathy Perkins has since deleted her Facebook account and her group's Facebook page, but thankfully the post was saved from oblivion.

Over the weekend, the founder of Moms With Guns Demand Action gave the world a subtle hint about what kind of action they're demanding when she shared a Fox & Friends First Facebook photo of President Obama with a caption that "joked" about assassination. Fox viewer and gun lunatic Kathy Perkins has since deleted her Facebook account, and her group's Facebook page, but the post was saved from oblivion by The Artist Formerly Known As Freakout Nation, at Alan Colmes' Liberaland:


In Perkins' defense, she might have been trying to practice some Sarah Palin-style prose, and meant to say "Where is an ass, as in, when you need one?"

As Colmes' Anomaly100 notes, Perkins is a close ally with the safety-minded folks at Open Carry Texas, who were being written off as a fringe group that was sapping the gun rights movement's vital fluids, until they flexed their muscles and made the NRA apologize to them. Perkins' group may be small, but make no mistake, she and her ilk are in full control of the gun rights movement, not gun owners who support common sense measures like not pointing your gun at a baby.

Joking about assassinating President Obama isn't the exclusive province of gun nuts who watch Fox News, though. For example, here's Fox News contributor Frank Luntz making a joke about chasing the President down with his car:

And here's Fox News contributor Liz Trotta ad-libbing her way out of a flub by wishing President Obama would get taken out:

Or Fox News host Mike Huckabee joking about President Obama ducking gunfire:

And then there's this two-fer, NRA poster-pants-pooper and frequent Fox News guest Ted Nugent bravely telling Obama to "suck on" his machine gun, followed by praise from his good friend, Fox News host Sean Hannity:

Kathy Perkins says she's a "TRUE stay-at-home mom," but if she ever decides to seek outside employment, she'll fit right in with the mainstream of American conservative "thought."