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This Drunk Entitled Brat Will Make You Want To Punch Your Screen

Please don't drink and douche.

One of the worst types of human beings is someone who has such a grandiose sense of self-importance, they can't help but let you know about it, which is why this video is so infuriating. Here we have an entitled, douchey, drunk day-drinker, identified as 20-year-old NYU student Gerry Shalam of New Jersey, accosting the alleged owner of the property he and his drunk friends were wobbling on in Flatiron. (At 1:14, his friend hilariously loses his drunken battle with gravity.)

"This your property? My dad is in fuckin' real estate, you're gonna tell me this your property? My dad owns half of fucking Manhattan."

Actually, his dad is in the garment industry. And no one owns half of Manhattan. But he certainly gets points for completely unwarranted bravado.

Look, I was never one for poking fun at the bridge and tunnel crowd. After all, that's what Sinatra was. But if this is what Jersey's bringing to the table these days, maybe Chris Christie should do a few more "traffic studies."