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'The Daily Caller' Writes the Greatest Teacher Sex Scandal Headline Of All Time

We really have to hand it to the conservative 'Daily Caller' on this one.

Although we don't always agree with conservatives, sometimes we just need to give credit where credit is due. Such is the case with a Daily Caller headline summing up the latest teacher sex scandal, involving a substitute teacher named Tiffany Leiseth and two 18-year-old male students. There's no point in setting the scene any more than that because the DC sums it all up perfectly in one amazing headline:


That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you write a damn headline. In the world of online media, editors agonize over headlines all the time as they try to come up with an enticing headline that not only gets people to click, but one that -- along with the content of the article itself -- gets people to share it. The beauty of this headline is that it's sarcastic yet direct and contains all the juicy elements of the story: Hot, Teacher, Banging, Beer. The only thing missing here is the word "married," but there's only so much you can squeeze into a headline.

It also sums up what every guy with his head screwed on straight thinks upon hearing that an attractive female teacher slept with one of her teenage male students:

"Good for that kid!"

As a funny sidenote, the "reputable" Yahoo! News republished The Daily Caller'spiece with the exact same headline.

Leiseth was arrested because even though both students were 18 and the school year had just ended, Pennsylvania law prohibits student-teacher sexual relations regardless of age. Apparently she had just missed the cutoff.


And if you're one of those people who thinks this is no different from a male teacher taking advantage of his female students, and that this is going to scar these kids for life or whatever, just stop right there. This is the fantasy of virtually every guy in high school -- one that doesn't come true for 99.9% of them. For the 0.1% who get to live the dream, the proper reaction isn't indignation, but applause.