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Conservative Media Can't Decide If New Horror Movie Is Pro- Or Anti- Obama

Is 'The Purge: Anarchy' just a stupid movie? Or is it actually a cultural revelation? Is is conservative or liberal? IT MUST BE ONE OF THOSE THINGS!!!!

Movies like The Purge: Anarchy are meant for high school students. They use the scare-factor as an excuse to touch each other, but then be able to sound smart by dissecting the political nature of the movie afterwards over milkshakes spiked with some Bailey’s they stole from their dads. But that doesn’t stop the conservative media from pulling the “real” meaning from a movie whose premise is the 12-hour suspension of all laws for the purpose of making everyone behave for the rest of the year.

The movie, directed by James DeMonaco, is set in 2023 and is a sequel to last year’s The Purge. In this fictional world, crime and unemployment are basically non-existent because one day a year, people get 12 hours to do whatever they want. Murder? Rape? Robbery? All totally OK. Get it out of your system now, and then you won’t feel the urge for the rest of the year. While last year’s movie was set in suburbia, this year’s “purge” happens on the gritty streets of Los Angeles, where urban miscreants unleash hell on a couple who is stupid enough to run out of gas right when the purge starts.

Is this movie stupid? Or is it actually a cultural revelation? Is this movie conservative or liberal? IT MUST BE ONE OF THOSE THINGS!!!! I’m not sure if this means the movie is deeper than I am giving it credit for or if one of these reviews is just flat out wrong (probably the latter).

Anyway, let’s check in with right-wing media to see how what this movie is really about:

First, the Washington Free Beacon:


And now, Breitbart:

So which is it? A “stupid” “conservative parody” or a “brutal condemnation of Obama’s vision for America”? You decide:


Sonny Bunch (real name) of the Free Beacon writes:

How this policy would heal the economy and keep crime low is never really discussed. Oh, there’s some vague nodding at the idea that killing a few people once a year keeps the idle portion of the workforce limited—and think of all the ammunition sales! But I can’t imagine even the strongest advocate of broken windows theory would vouch for the purge as a stimulus measure.

As we pray to the god of suspension of disbelief just to make it through this nonsense, the residents of this new America pray to the New Founding Fathers. In a circle. While holding hands. Near the American flag. Because Tea Party Theocracy Gun Nuts OMG ’Merica.

But Breitbart’s John Nolte draws a much deeper message from the 103 minutes of vicious raping and pillaging:

Using a large physical, socio-economic, and political canvas, “Anarchy” not only succeeds as an exciting genre film but even more as a blistering criticism of where President Obama, the mainstream media, and the political Left intend to take America.

The year is 2023 and 9 years ago the dual crises of urban criminality and nationwide financial turmoil were not allowed to go to waste. A sinister agenda to fundamentally transform America was completed through the tyranny of a majority who voted to grant the Federal Government extraordinary powers. As a result, our beloved Founding Fathers were tossed in favor of the New Founding Fathers.

Today the Federal Government is a subject of worship. The very concepts of God and patriotism have been co-opted and perverted into worship of the State and the aborting of the sick, old, and undesirable. A chirpy, shallow, dim-witted, happy-talking and omnipresent 24/7 hour media cheerleads everything.

I'll leave it up to you to decide which of these writers is full of shit, but I think it's pretty obvious.

Originally posted on Politically Inclined.