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Alex Jones Isn't Making Up "Jack Crap," Says Alex Jones in Epic Rant

On his show today Jones insisted he's not making anything up. Specifically, he's not making up "jack crap."
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If you listen to a random two or three minutes of Alex Jones, it's quite obvious that he's making things up as he goes along in order to exploit the paranoia of his audience for fun and profit. For example, not too long ago, Jones decided that he'd extrapolate the chemical compounds found in juice box liners (this is first part is true) into a government conspiracy to decimate the testosterone levels of male children with the goal of turning them into homosexuals (this second part is totally fabricated by Jones).

He's nothing more than a well-paid carnival side-show barker, coaxing gullibles and weirdos into a tent to view the mutant Snake Lady, which only turns out to be a woman's head popping up from a secret compartment with a fake snake body attached to it. Half of it is true: yes, there's really a lady in there. But she's definitely not a half-lady, half-snake chimera. Come to think of it, this metaphor isn't too far removed from Jones' reality considering how he also claims there are shape-shifting lizard people from outer space who are controlling events on Earth.

But Alex Jones has the documents to prove it's all real, even though the documents are nothing more than bogus pdf files and print-outs of articles from his own website.

However, on his show today Jones insisted he's not making anything up. Specifically, he's not making up "jack crap." Via Right Wing Watch:

I'm not making jack crap up! Okay? I'm not making nothing up! And I'm sick of people out there in denial. You're gonna lose everything, people! We're in grave danger. We're already in deep you-know-what, but it's getting deeper fast. And as a man, and a parent -- I mean my spider-sense is just off the charts. And I told you months ago: get ready. They've got full-scale war in Ukraine. Full scale in the Middle East and Africa with al-Qaeda taking over everywhere. Missiles have been given to them by our evil government. The border's wide open. It's like a bad James Bond villain runs America. And it's beyond Obama.

See that? Alex Jones has spider-sense. Another indication that, yes, he's just making things up based on what his audience will best devour. This is another feature of the libertarian conspiracy theory faction: only they know what's really going on. The rest of us sheeple are just blind to the real conspiracy. What's truly insane is that charlatans like Jones can cry wolf for years and years without any of his followers questioning why he's perpetually wrong about the impending destruction of the world... lizard people. From outer space. With juice boxes.

By the way, oops. "Not making nothing up" is a double-negative, meaning he's making up something.