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Here's How Women Can Get Some Respect From the Men On the Supreme Court

This just might be the only way women can get the Supreme Court to back off their reproductive rights.

The 5-4 conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court has proven time and again to be a disaster for women. Most recently the court invoked the longstanding legal fiction of corporate personhood in order to grant Hobby Lobby Stores and other closely held corporations a religious freedom exemption to the Affordable Care Act's contraception mandate. For its part, Hobby Lobby is still happy to cover men's vasectomies and Viagra prescriptions because manparts!

The five justices who ruled for Hobby Lobby are all conservative men who think that the "personal" religious objections of a corporation should trump women's reproductive rights. That's why Miss R*EVOLutionaries came up with this brilliantly facetious way women can actually get some respect from the nation's highest court for once:


Image credit: Miss R*EVOLutionaries

Yes, now women too can be people in the eyes of the Supreme Court just like America's beloved corporations. Also, because their uteri and vaginas will be incorporated in the Cayman Islands, any income their lady parts earn will be absolutely tax-free!

And by becoming incorporated and achieving personhood, not only will women have the same legal status and rights as corporations, but they'll have attained a status that finally puts them on the same level as fetuses, which conservatives regard as people.

So there you have it, women. Not only will you be able to have your day in court, but the conservative men might finally give you a little respect by virtue of your corporate personhood.