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Protesters Carrying Firearms March Against Immigrant Children in Michigan

Some of the protesters sent a clear message to the, you know, children by carrying firearms. At least one photo of the protest shows a guy with a handgun in a holster while another man is armed with an AR-15, the Sandy Hook weapon.
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When I published an article earlier today about Sean Hannity and Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) confronting the undocumented immigrant children issue Expendables-style aboard a gun-boat with mounted M-249 light machine guns, also known as Squad Automatic Weapons, I had no idea another group would come along to vindicate my rather harsh evaluation of Perry and Hannity. But sure enough, a ultra-nationalist group called the Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement (or "MICE" -- yes, really) followed suit.

When word got out that a Vassar, Michigan facility might be used as housing for Central American children who illegally entered the U.S. via the Mexico border, the [cough] MICE group decided they'd protest the decision by marching from Vassar City Hall to the Wolverine Human Services Center, a little more than a mile away.

There were of course the requisite "Don't Tread On Me" flags, which, by the way, were first waved by the children of immigrants who traveled from Europe to settle in North America and who subsequently horked the land from the native tribes here.

And some of the MICE crusaders sent a clear message to the, you know, children by carrying firearms. At least one photo of the protest (see above) shows a guy with a handgun in a holster (just in case an immigrant child tries something aggressive like, I don't know, giving him a hug?) while another man is armed with an AR-15 -- the Sandy Hook weapon -- slung over his shoulder.

As with the Hannity/Perry photos, take a look at these pathetic yokels with their camo outback hunting hats and their badass weaponry. This is the uniform of grown men who live in a fantasy world invented by conspiracy theorists, Ron Paul imagineering and AM talk radio ex-zookeepers, and all of it exacerbated by their kneejerk fear of a center-left, African-American president. This is the "We Want Our Country Back" crowd that was reborn in numerous Sarah Palin rallies back in 2008.

In various posts, I've used the word "cosplay" -- short for "costume play" -- a pejorative term to describe these crazy bastards. But there's one key difference between sci-fi convention cosplayers, who are fun and likable, and the angry white crackpots who show up at these armed rallies. The sci-fi cosplayers for the most part know they're portraying fictitious characters and they're doing it as a hobby. On the other hand, the creeps in these anti-immigration photos, be they the Hannity/Perry photos or the Michigan MICE, think this is real -- that it's serious business. They actually believe there might be an occasion when having an AR-15 while peaceably assembling might be useful.

That's why they're more dangerous than undocumented immigrants. And it's worth underscoring that the children who have absconded across the border are doing so in part to escape violence in Central America, only to be confronted by armed hooligans gathered under the disguise of a protest when, in fact, the mission appears more like intimidation than activism.