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CNN's Kate Bolduan Rolls Rick Perry on His Obama Immigration Conspiracy Theory

Another moment of awesome for CNN: Rick Perry tries to get away from his lunatic immigration conspiracy theory, but Kate Bolduan nails him like a coked-up roofer.

On the heels of CNN's Ashleigh Banfield winning life yesterday by excoriating rabid anti-immigrant conservatives, fellow CNN anchor Kate Bolduan took on Texas Governor Rick Perry Thursday morning, and delivered the second-best thing you'll see on cable news this week. After conducting a hard-hitting interview that exposed Perry's twin obsessions with having President Obama visit the border and securing that border (maybe Perry thinks Obama has secret superpowers), Bolduan capped the whole thing off by nailing Perry on his lunatic conspiracy theorizing about the current immigration crisis.

The bulk of the interview consisted of Bolduan asking Perry a variety of tough questions, and Perry answering every question by asking why President Obama won't visit the border, and/or insisting that the answer to immigrants who are all being apprehended is to increase the number of people for them to be apprehended by. Are you going to support the President's funding request?

"I'm going to support the president to secure the border..."

Republicans want the President to act, but also want to sue him when he acts. What the hell?

"Well, I think when you look at the President's actions, particularly on this issue, you have Democrats that are asking for the President to come to the border..."

And so it went, until Bolduan decided to wrap things up by asking Perry about his insane conspiracy theory that President Obama is somehow "in on" the influx of unaccompanied children.

"You said last month that the administration, on this issue, was either incredibly inept, or they are in on this somehow. After your meeting today with the president, which one is it, Governor?" Bolduan asked.

"Well, I don't know," Perry answered, signaling to understanders of English that he still thinks the administration might be "in on it."

"Do you really honestly believe, as you said in the interview last month, that the administration might be in on this somehow?" Bolduan followed. "I mean, you're suggesting there's some kind of conspiracy here."

Perry then accused Bolduan of putting the word "conspiracy" in his mouth, at which point she directly quoted Perry saying "I hate to be conspiratorial, but..."

Perry's response elicited one of the all-time best quizzical looks in television history. "And I hate to be conspiratorial, I hate to be conspiratorial. I did not say I was," Perry replied, through a smile more strained than a jar of Gerber peas.

Bolduan then continued to directly quote Perry accusing the admiistration of a "fairly coordinated effort, at which point Perry surrendered and asked to be excused from the "semantics battle."

It was a thing of beauty, and in case you missed it, here's the segment that Bolduan was quoting from, in which Perry also goes on to explain that there is "clear coordination" in the transportation of migrants across Mexico.