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White House Reporters Give Obama Republican Advice on Immigration Crisis

At Thursday's daily briefing, the White House press corp pressed White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, on why the President doesn't take advice on immigration from Republicans who refuse to lift a finger to fix it.

As the immigration crisis continues to bring out the best in conservative racists, Republicans like Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) have been offering all kinds of helpful advice to President Obama, like rescinding an executive action that doesn't apply to the migrants currently caught in the crisis, or doing a border photo-op, instead of actually passing comprehensive immigration reform.

At Thursday's daily briefing, all of that great Republican advice found voice within the White House press corps, which pressed White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, to varying degrees, on these great suggestions. First, it was ABC News' Jim Avila asking Josh if, as Issa says, rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals would "send a message," to the Central American people fleeing murder, that the policy that already doesn't apply to them doesn't apply to them. This makes perfect sense, because the best way to cope with an overburdened immigration system is to start deporting DREAMers.

Then, it was NBC News' Chuck Todd asking why the President himself doesn't come out and tell these people that they'll be sent back if they come here, like he already did last week to George Stephanopoulos. Fox News' Ed Henry wanted to know why the President doesn't just take Rick Perry up on his invitation, and visit the border so he can fart some magic fairy dust on it, I guess? CBS News' Bill Plante also wanted to know why the President doesn't make a run for the border, and like Henry, wondered why the President has time to visit ladies in Minneapolis, but not to fart magic fairy dust on the border.

Earnest, looking alternately bemused and amused by the flood of helpful hints, responded by reminding everyone that the President actually has sent clear messages that news outlets have access to and have reported on, explaining that rescinding DACA "is not going to happen," and that if he wants any shit out of Rick Perry, he'll squeeze his head. I'm paraphrasing liberally, of course, but here are the highlights:

Now, there's nothing necessarily wrong with asking the White House for a reaction to even the most patently absurd thing that some Republican says, but the credulity with which they did so defies logic. President Obama announced DACA two years ago. The idea that this crisis is a result of that policy is a Republican fantasy, and even if it weren't, as I said, only an idiot would think that "sending a message" was worth overburdening the system with DREAMer deportations, and only an asshole would see ruining DREAMers' lives as a fair trade.

As for Rick Perry, Earnest was absolutely right that instead of trying to arrange photo ops for the President, he ought to help support comprehensive immigration reform, but failing that, he definitely shouldn't be abetting Congress in wasting even more time on a roadshow hearing, instead of actually doing something.