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Aggrieved White People: Obama Is the "Worst President" Since WWII

While it's true that 33% of respondents in Quinnipiac's poll rated Obama the Worst President Since World War II, CNN ignored the fact that the result was driven entirely by self-pitying white people.

There's a new poll out showing that President Obama is the Worst President Since World War II, a poll which CNN reported on with the not-even-skin-deep shallowness we've come to expect from the mainstream media. The Quinnipiac poll shows that Obama was rated worst by more respondents than any other president. At 33%, the President was even rated worst by more people than George W. Bush's 28%, or Richard Nixon's 13%.

In reporting the news, CNN's John King joined Bloomberg's Margaret Talev and Olivier Knox of Yahoo! News in dispensing the analysis that these are not "good numbers,"  that they reflect a "partisan split," and that Obama is the most recent president, and so the freshest in people's minds.

What they're ignoring is that this result was driven entirely by aggrieved conservative white people. While CNN declined to cite crosstabs based on race, they did reference party identification, and here's how that voting went:


Barack Obama - Total: 33%  Republican: 63%  Democrat: 4%  Independent: 36%

Now, if you're John King, you probably think that although there's a sharp partisan split, the fact that the "independent" number is close to the full average means that the overall result is reflective of something like the average person. If you look at the racial crosstabs in Quinnipiac's poll, however, a different picture emerges:


Barack Obama - Total: 33%  White: 40%  Black: 3%  Hispanic: 21%

This isn't just a Republican/Democrat split, although Republican policies do naturally favor preservation of the white status quo. Take a look at how white people voted for the best president:


Ronald Reagan wins by a mile on the strength of overwhelming white Republican support, but what's telling is that white voters prefer Bill Clinton even to the sainted John F. Kennedy. While it's true that Clinton is fresher in our minds than JFK, I doubt anyone has forgotten him, but white voters deliver the number one and two spots to the two presidents who are best known for exploiting the racially-charged issue of welfare, Reagan by racially charging it, and Clinton by ending it as we know it.

This is not to say that the poll is "skewed," but rather. that America is skewed, and so is our mainstream media, including CNN. Aggrieved white assholes are as entitled to their opinions as anyone else, but it would be nice of journalists, who are supposed to act in everyone's interest, to label them as such.