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Virginia Confederate Flag Group's Massive Erection Doesn't Erase Its Racism

A group of Confederate flag enthusiasts has just completed the erection of a Confederate flag along I-95 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It is 20x30 feet large and flies atop an 82-foot pole, where, according to the group, it will honor the Confederate soldiers who were “motivated” by the “US Constitution of 1788,” and it has nothing to do with slavery.

A group of Confederate flag enthusiasts called The Virginia Flaggers has just completed their second massive erection of a Confederate flag, along Interstate 95 in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Just how massive?

The 20x30 foot flag now flies atop an 82-foot pole, where, according to the group, it will honor the Confederate soldiers who were "motivated" by the "US Constitution of 1788," and it has nothing to do with slavery because math.

The ceremony, which took place on Saturday morning, was captured on video by local photographer Judy Smith (trigger warning: awful bagpipe music ahead):

Sorry, I should have also warned you about the singing. If only they were just whistling Dixie, am I right?

The group claims that they've got "landowners all across Virginia and in neighboring states, eager to offer their property for lease" to erect more giant Confederate flags for residents of the country that beat them to metaphorically spit at. They also bragged about all the media attention they got, including a "Belle's Eye View" column from Christine Barr congratulating the Virginia Flaggers, and explaining how not-racist they are:

Despite the personal attacks on its members, the characterization of the group as racists in the face of the stunning lack of any racist actions or rhetoric from the group, and the constant drumbeat of those who keep forecasting the imminent dissolution of the organization, they continue soldiering on, doing what needs to be done without regard to those who delight in the negative and seemingly have an almost obsessive need to try to foil the honest efforts of a people seeking to have their ancestors’ sacrifice remembered.

Here's a tip: if you think a lack of racist actions is "stunning," then maybe racism isn't the topic for you.

That's especially true if you can't see the 82-foot high racist action of erecting the flag of an army that fought to hundreds of thousands of deaths to defend slavery. The Confederate flag will never not be racist, no matter how many times LL Cool J offers to swap you his gold chains for it. You can chant "Heritage Not Hate" all you want, but it will never make any more sense than flying a giant Reese's banner while chanting "Chocolate, Not Peanut Butter!"

It would be easy to dismiss these would-be whitewashers of history as fringe idiots, but the "heritage" they seek to honor still echoes today, and needs no encouragement to regain its foothold. The notion that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery can be heard in modern assertions that assaults on voting rights, or discriminatory police practices, or a host of other policy-driven disparities have nothing to do with race.

History may well be written by the victors, but given half a chance, the losers will do their best to rewrite it.