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Guns + Idiots = Idiots Shooting Guns Off in Their Sleep

Like shooting oneself in the man-parts, sleep-shooting is more common than you might think.

If you were amused by our rundown ofpeople shooting their own dicks off or being shot by trigger-happy dogs, we have more news for you. The same day we reported on the latest in a string of firearm self-circumcisions, a Wind Gap, Penn. man wasbusy firing his AR-15into a neighbor's apartment after he dozed off while watching an instructional gun video. According toLehigh Valley Live, Greg Philip Winnick fell asleep while cradling his precious assault rifle, and received a rude awakening, as did his neighbors:

Winnick told Pennsylvania State Police with the Belfast barracks that he woke up when the rifle discharged and that he did not realize the gun was loaded, according to records. The 37-year-old told authorities that he had been awake since midnight Sunday, records indicate.

Winnick's neighbors, Sydney and Tabitha Merrick, told police they were woken by a loud noise and saw a hole in the bedroom wall that is adjacent to Winnick's apartment, according to court records.

They also reported damage to the ceiling and another hole above the light switch on the opposite wall, records indicate. Two children, ages 1 and 2, were sleeping in the Merricks' apartment.

Like shooting oneself in the man-parts, sleep-shooting is more common than you might think. Last July, a Florida man (of course) who kept a gun under his pillowshot off his fingeras he slept:

"He told us he had a bad dream," said Sheriff's Captain Frank Baker. "When he woke up his finger tip was gone."

That same month, a New Hampshire manshot himselfin his sleep as well:

A New Hampshire man woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare about a gunshot. But it turned out the nightmare was real when he discovered he was holding a gun and had shot himself in the knee.

In November, a Montana man wasshot in his sleepby another sleeping Montana man, and earlier this month, an Alaska woman named Leah Campbellreported thata neighborhad nearly shother infant daughter in his sleep.

These stories, and those of a far less amusing nature, demonstrate the fundamental truth that guns are perfectly safe, until they aren't. Everyone thinks their gun is safe, until it isn't. Gun owners oppose safety laws because they think they're all super-safe, but how long will the rest of us sit idly by while we get shot by their dogs, or their kids, or their bad dreams?