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Ryan Seacrest Now On All Four Major Networks, Proves US Media Has Run Out of Ideas

It's official, Ryan Seacrest is now America's only TV host.
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It's official, Ryan Seacrest is now America's only TV host. Reports CNN:

CBS confirmed that Ryan Seacrest will host and produce "Fashion Rocks," a two-hour special that airs on the network in September.

Seacrest has existing relationships with ABC, to host "New Year's Rockin' Eve," with Fox, to host "American Idol," and with NBC. In other words, CBS was the only broadcaster left.

The US media is apparently so bereft of ideas and originality that it will no longer take risks trying new things, preferring to stick with focus tested, inoffensive hosts who look like they've been created in a lab in order to appeal to middle America. Ryan Seacrest is literally the demographically safest host ever created in the history of television, and he made his name hosting the demographically safest show in the history of television.

So successful was American Idol that there can now be no new shows. We've had America's got Talent, The X Factor, The Voice, The Winner, Going Platinum etc etc etc - all of which were based on the exact same concept, with the same reoccurring characters.  Likewise, we've now got Ryan Seacrest on all major networks.

What will America do when Ryan Seacrest finally runs out of steam? He hasn't had any time to procreate, so forget a Seacrest jr picking up where daddy left off.

Perhaps his demise will spark a revolution in American television, when finally, the corporate media will have to come up with something vaguely original. Until that time, it's Ryan Seacrest every day, all day.