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Only in New York: Woman Sues MTA and Showtime Because 'Dexter' Ad Scared Her

If this lawsuit is successful, there might be a long line of New Yorkers wanting compensation for other traumas they've experienced while riding with the MTA.

If you've taken public transit in New York City a few times, you've probably seen some things that disturbed or maybe even horrified you. What you probably didn't do, however, is sue over it.

But that's exactly what Ajanaffy Njewadda and her husband -- a former Gambian ambassador -- have done, suing the city's Metropolitan Transit Authority and the premium channel Showtime. Why? Because of this Dexter stairwell ad at Grand Central Terminal, which she says startled her so much, she fell and broke her ankle after seeing it:


According to DNAinfo New York, the lawsuit alleges,

[O]n June 20, 2013, Njewadda was walking down the steps after going through a subway turnstile.

As she descended the stairwell, she grew concerned after she lost track of her husband, Sheik Ahmad Tejan Wadda, who got stuck at the turnstile.

When Njewadda turned around to walk up the stairwell to search for her husband, the poster frightened her, causing her to lose her balance and tumble down the steps...

DNAinfo New York also reports that Njewadda has had to see a psychiatrist as a result, and her lawyer, who called it "advertising run amok," says that she's had nightmares about it ever since.

But here's the deal: Of all the things that are scary about the MTA, this Dexter ad doesn't even come close. Forget ads. What about some of the other things that can be seen on property owned and operated by the MTA?

I've lived in New York for just two years and have experienced a litany of things on the MTA that no one should ever have to experience while simply going from Point A to Point B. This would include random weirdos touching me; googly-eyed druggies accosting me for money; a very large man having a Jesus-themed manic episode in a crammed subway car; and nearly being vomited on.

I'm sorry this woman fell and broke her ankle, but if this Dexter ad is grounds for a successful lawsuit or settlement, then some eight million New Yorkers would also like restitution for the many similar traumas they've faced while riding with the MTA.