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Conservative Pundit Knows Horrors of Iraq War Because His Friends Served There

National Review writer Tom Rogan is making a strong push for the dumbest thing said about Iraq in recent memory.
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The current crisis in Iraq will surely have numerous side-effects, the least of which will probably be its propensity to make people say really stupid shit about it. Although Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is the current gold medalist in this event, National Review Online's Tom Rogan charged toward the podium when he told Real Time host Bill Maher that he appreciates the stakes of military intervention in Iraq because some of his best friends served in Iraq.

Maher was explaining the new Obama Doctrine of "Don't do stupid shit," when Rogan chimed in, "That doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything!"

This is the new conservative strategy, to agree that we shouldn't do any of the things that we aren't doing, but insist that whatever we are doing isn't doing anything, and what we should be doing is something that we're not doing.

Maher explained that, instead of sending in troops, we can always drone the living crap out of the ISIS forces who are advancing on Baghdad.

"I know people will be skeptical hearing a young conservative talking about more action (in Iraq)," Rogan said, "because I haven't served in Iraq, but I do have friends who have, and I, you talk about the impact..."

As soon as Rogan said it, he seemed to regret it, because Maher immediately went off on him. "Well, there you go," Maher said. "Practically like being there yourself."

"That's not fair," Rogan protested, then kept digging. "But if you talk about the impact of explosively formed penetrator grenades, the damage that has been caused, psychological, physical, as much as a civilian can try to know, clearly it is nothing near that, but all I'm saying is I'm astute to these difficult questions, it's important we're debating them, I mean, they, it's not simple."

Maher didn't even have the common courtesy to offer the guy some word croutons to go with that.

Don't feel bad, though, because even people who have served can still step in it, as McCain did on Friday when he claimed there were "literally" no U.S. casualties in Iraq, post-"Surge," and at least Rogan's bit had the virtue of being really funny. He's not lying us into another war, or ignoring the last time he helped lie us into a war.

Honorable mention for Dumb Shit Said About Iraq This Week, though, has to go to Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski, who concluded a derp-filled discussion of the crisis with this hilarious gem:

Wow, nineteen whole minutes, and you barely scratched the surface on Iraq? Don't feel bad, Mika. You guys can make up for it tomorrow by devoting, what, at least 21 minutes to the Israel-Palestine crisis.