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Everyone Hates The Daily Banter

In honor of the New York Times taking the time to personally mention/insult us, we made a list of some of the most historic insults The Daily Banter and its staff have ever received.
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As you may have read, The Daily Banter enjoyed a little mention in the New York Times last week, and while it may have ended with them calling us "one of the many new vessels for grandstanding," it was far from the worst thing we've ever been called.

So in honor of our new grandstanding infamy, here are some of the best descriptions of The Daily Banter we've ever heard:

1."Some website called The Daily Banter, whatever that is." -

While the original article may have gone down, this one lives on forever on the back our business cards.

2."...Bob & Chez, the shock jocker & the druggie, two phony 'journalists.'" - Wayne Madsen 

photo (2)

3."...the Daily Banter has taken the torch leading the cultish island of denial regarding Glenn Greenwald’s and the Guardian’s blockbuster NSA PRISM scoop." - Daily Kos

So we're in the lead? Awesome.
4."The daily banter is an relatively decent publication. " -

We'll take it,!

And those are all just people trying to describe us! But what about those that just want to flat out insult us?

Like who can forget the time Roseanne told us to suck her cock?

Or the time Jonah Peretti of Buzzfeed questioned our journalistic intergrity...

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 2.47.43 PM

Then there's Glenn Greenwald blocking us on Twitter, which I guess is an insult?

Either way, it seems like we're garnering quite the reputation out there. First stop a mention in the New York Times, next stop the cover of Rolling Stone.