Video Shows Child Trying To Stop Savage Beating of His Mother, Proves How Screwed Our Culture Is

This is truly difficult to watch. What's more disturbing, though, is that a little boy is the only one who tried to do something to stop the attack.
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There's a video clip now making the viral rounds that's genuinely difficult to watch. It shows a woman brutally beating another woman while the victim's two-year-old son tries desperately to stop the assault by kicking the attacker. The crying boy shouts, "Mommy, mommy!" and kicks the leg of the woman who has his mother down on the ground and is punching her over and over again.

The whole thing happened in Salem, New Jersey on Tuesday and according to police the woman seen doing the beating is 25-year-old Latia Harris, who works at a local McDonalds. They say she accused the victim, 27-year-old Catherine Ferreira, of spreading rumors about her and that's why she savagely punched her and spit on her, at one point even threatening to kick the child who's helplessly kicking at her.

There's no way to know exactly who did what to whom before the above incident, not that anything would really excuse this kind of barbarism, particularly while someone's young child is standing right there. But there's one thing that's unnervingly clear here: nobody watching this attack -- and there are several people -- is doing a goddamn thing to stop it.

People are laughing, and shooting video, and gathering around to watch, but the only one trying to fight back and stop this violence is a two-year-old boy. He's surrounded by adults and yet he's the only one here who knows right from wrong. It's incomprehensible what the hell would lead somebody to choose creating a YouTube video of one person pummeling another bloody over actually, you know, stopping the person doing the pummeling.

Catherine Ferreira suffered a broken nose and multiple lacerations and is having trouble seeing. Police are now looking for Latia Harris. She's been charged with aggravated assault and two counts of making terroristic threats.

But she's not the only guilty one here.

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Photo: Tim Hawk/South Jersey Times