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Christian Pastor Calls Women Who Use Birth Control "the Wreckage of Humanity"

She also runs a "pregnancy medical center" whose sole function is to persuade pregnant women not to get abortions.

You might be excused for missing the start of this year's National Right to Life Convention, which ironically aims to deny women the right to do with their lives -- and bodies -- as they please. One of the speakers at this anti-choice hoedown in Louisville, Ky. is pastor Joy Pinto. Not to be confused with pinto beans, which like Joy can also cause gas, Pinto hosts a radio show with her husband Jim, with whom she has a website featuring the creepiest depiction of Jesus ever seen.

On Thursday, she explained her take on the war on women during a panel that no doubt must've been a modern day Algonquin Round Table. Pinto slammed abortion and birth control in general:

"There is a war on women, but we are not the ones waging the war....I have the privilege on a daily basis -- being the director of a pregnancy medical center -- to see the wreckage of humanity that walks in my door because they have bit the apple. They have believed the lie that this government, that all the politics and even some churches, tell them that it's ok to go use contraceptions [sic], it's ok to use abortion as a backup birth control and then we get to see how they're suffering emotionally, psychologically, physically, spiritually."

Wreckage! Humanity! Contraceptionz!

But wait. Pinto is the "director of a pregnancy medical center," which sounds like a serious position, yes? Actually, no. Pinto isn't a doctor. Instead, she heads something called Her Choice Birmingham, which appears to offer no actual medical services, but rather tries to cajole pregnant women into carrying their fetuses to term. Among the many wonderful services the center offers is the super fun sounding Sexual Integrity Program, which consists of:

A series of classes held in a small group setting where each person will learn how to express the gift of sexuality throughout their lives in a true, excellent, honest and pure way, be empowered and educated to make healthier choices with her body and see that in order to have true happiness (Joy), one needs to choose to live at a higher level of behavior and thoughts.

Well it looks like women can have choices when it comes to their bodies after all... as long as they're choices Joy Pinto wants them to make.