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Benghazi Nutter Ambushes Hillary and Asks Her to Sign Book Out to "Christopher Stevens"

A conservative wackadoo takes the Benghazi "scandal" right up to Hillary Clinton.

As she was leaving a book signing in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the victim of a "journalistic" ambush by Jason Mattera of The Daily Surge. Accompanied by a security detail, Clinton was approached by Mattera with a copy of her book, Hard Choices, and he made an unusual and downright sick request:

Jason Mattera: "Hi, Secretary Clinton. Would you sign this for me?

Hillary Clinton: "What's your name?"

JM: "Um, if you could make it out to Christopher Stevens. I think you knew him."

HC: "I'm not going to make it out to Chris Stevens."

JM: "What difference does it make?"

HC: "Here it goes. Here."

JM: "What difference does it make if you could make it out to Chris Stevens?"

HC: "There you go."

JM: "It's kind of odd that you have more security than Chris Stevens had in Benghazi. What do we have here? An entourage of --"

Security: "Have a good night, sir."

JM: "Oh I'm having a great night."

"Oh I'm having a great night."

Translation: "Sure, I'm supposed to be upset about Benghazi and Chris Stevens and the three others who died in the consulate attack a year and a half ago, but really, I just got exactly what I wanted: some video of me being a smarmy asshole to the presumptive 2016 Democratic presidential nominee about a tragic event that has been politically exploited more than any other in recent memory."

God, these people are demented.