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Racist Conservatives Attack Malia Obama For Working On Halle Berry's TV Show

What kind of grown-ass man takes the time to share, with all of his friends and family, the fact that he thinks a 15-year-old girl is "UGLY!" in all caps?

The more things change, the more they get worse. Months into President Obama's first term, the conservative web forum Free Republic made headlines when its community launched racist attacks on then-11 year-old Malia Obama for the deadly offense of wearing a peace sign t-shirt. Five years later, that impulse has not abated, and has spread to other conservative blogs like Breitbart and The Drudge Report, where one good Christian wondered if Malia is "old enough to send to Iraq" for the unforgivable sin of spending the day on the set of a TV show.

The internet has been abuzz over reports that Malia Obama spent a day on the set of Halle Berry's new CBS show Extant last week, performing such glamorous tasks as getting coffee and keeping people from walking through the shot. Those reports were confirmed by Extant costar Camryn Manheim, who raved about President Obama's "charming" daughter:

Conservative websites have become hip to the fact that, if they openly attack the President's children, it will make them look like shit, so the new game is to post click-baity news with little or no commentary, then let the commenters go to town. For example, Breitbart posted a brief item, with no byline, and the passive-aggressive sub-headline "Malia Obama, the 15-year-old daughter of President Barack Obama, already landed a summer job."

This was in addition to their wire service post carrying the exact same news, but without that little sweetener. Guess which one got flooded with comments, which began with, "That is one big pile of shit," and went downhill from there?

butchz: Elite POS *(Piece Of Shit)* like her daddy!

sally forth: sorry but that one always appears to have attitude imo. always scowling PERIOD.

jay28elle: Of course. Sure, why not? My son is beating the street to find a decent job, and this bozo kid gets a cush job ONLY because she is the kid of the prez. Great example, Mr & Mrs Obama - that kids only need to be connected in order to get a job. But then again, neither of you ever earned anything you ever got.

2BFree2B: I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Guess that celebrity mentality is a family trait. I won't be watching Halle Barry's anything or buying from any sponsors...she just passed the "liberal" test.

Merry: Wonder if she'll dress as badly as her mom, who, for most of the photos I'VE seen dresses like a washerwoman.

UpChuck.Liberals: Which is an upgrade from what she should be wearing, an orange jump suit.

Felix Rodkin: This is funny: her garb cost like gazillion bucks but it looks on her like a caricature! I guess it is because he can't shake ghetto off...

Lou Gibbons: Shake the ghetto off when it comes so naturally to someone like her ?

freedomfighterx: another commiePIG on a commie PIG network, how sweet

David Thornton: What's the name of the series? "Malcolm X in the Middle"?

Rikka775: well, they don't want black skin and they don't want white skin so milkly chocolate is the going thing. In Memphis, back in the day, there were two prominent black schools - BT Washington was for fair skinned blacks and Hamilton High was for those with a more pure African tone skin. The territories of both schools today don't mix well in society - the gangs now have established turf and you know the rest. Black on black crime but some blacks are just darker than others.

Will Thompson: More Black racism and, of course, special privileges for the President's kid. Couldn't find a job-seeking college grad with a degree in communications?

Now, it's true that you can't control what comments people leave, but you can control which ones get left up or go up in the first place, and those were not among the five comments that were deleted, including one which prompted this apparently approved reply:

UpChuck.Liberals: They can't, her white part got the job.

Meanwhile, at The Drudge Report's Facebook page for this same story, the comments were just as ugly, but not as anonymous:

Cathie Smeal Kennedy: is she old enough to send to Iraq

Larry Blanks: Not a biological daughter. Doesn't favor either one of them nor her sister.

Sabomnim Pamela Scott-Czerwin: Wow. That is all we need. Another camera whore

Mary Spencer: Using her "black privilege" to get into show business

Richard Jones: black privilege.

George Houston: Looks like they hire unqualified minorities, just like president Obama

John Lambert: UGLY!

Larry Ceja: Should be in "roots".

Lesa Mason-mullen: Blah blah blah...COCKROACH

Dean Minshall: As ugly as her mammie.

But the gold medal has to go to the Worst Commenters On The Internet, and the one thing I will never miss about my old stomping grounds, the trolls who prowl Mediaite:

Barry: ugly nigress...jk

There are lots of excuses that conservatives can make to dismiss this, but think about this for a minute. What kind of grown-ass man takes the time to share, with all of his friends and family, the fact that he thinks a 15-year-old girl is "UGLY!" in all caps? These people are happily appending their names and photographs to this ugliness, and sharing it for all to see. What's really amazing, though, is if you take a few minutes to look at some of these Facebook profiles, you'll see just how many of them claim Christian love and worship while they're attacking a child.

And these websites are happy to have them.