Jenna Bush Throws Down the Pulitzer Gauntlet With Epic Obama Interview

After this barn-burner, no one should even bother interviewing President Obama again. Or any president for that matter.

Daughter of former President George W. Bush and current NBC News Special Correspondent Jenna Bush Hager almost made news earlier this week when a Daily Banter White House reporter nearly blew the lid off of her super-secret visit to the People's House to interview President Barack Obama. Her crack production team managed to preserve her secret, though, and the resulting interview is everything you would expect it to be, and more!

As loyal Daily Banter readers will recall, on Tuesday, your humble correspondent was accosted by Jenna Bush Hager's NBC posse for the unforgivable sin of videotaping in an open area of the White House, namely the driveway that leads to the West Wing. They were concerned that word would leak out of the interview, and ruin their promotional efforts, but despite the shoddy treatment, your illustrious scribe kept their secret. Now that the interview is out, you can watch the whole thing, but here's how they used the shot that I captured on tape, just before Bush Hager was leaving the White House grounds:

As you can see, the shot is inserted in such a way as to lead the viewer to believe that Jenna Bush Hager has just entered the White House grounds, when she was really just about to leave! LIES!! BENGHAZI!!1!

After my run-in with Bush Hager's crew, a good deal of the feedback I got had to do with crapping on Jenna for not being a real journalist, and a beneficiary of celebrity privilege, and so on. Personally, I had no knowledge of her beyond her stint as a member of the tabloid sensation Bush Twins, an episode which made me more sympathetic to her, if anything.

The results of her interview with the President speak for themselves, though, and that interview was... completely adorable, and awesome in every way. I loved it, and I loved Jenna.

Here's the thing: she's a Special Correspondent for The Today Show. Have you ever watched the Today show, people? Complaining that one of their interviews is fluff is like complaining that the ocean is wet, and Jenna, at least, was sincere and unpretentious about the fluff. If Jenna finds herself doing cooking segments with z-list celebritiesafter a long career in journalism, then you can laugh.

As for the nepotism charge, it is true that she probably wouldn't have scored this interview, or maybe even this job, if not for her presidential pedigree, but she's hardly the only former president's daughter to do so; she's not even the only one at NBC. What really matters is where she goes from here. Frankly, Jenna was never not going to benefit from her family name, and so, on that level, we should feel honored that she chose to cash in that marker by joining our profession.

But most importantly, there are far worse things for the children of former presidents to do with their time. Given the example set by her dad, we should only hope that Jenna has a long, successful career in journalism, because we're still recovering from the last Bush to cash in on daddy's name.