Don't Believe in God? This Court-Martialed Navy Chaplain Knows What Your Problem Is

Move over, Thomas Aquinas. Gordon Klingenschmitt has got it all figured out.

In 2006, U.S. naval chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt was convicted for wearing his uniform to a White House protest against the navy's emphasis on non-denominational prayers in ceremonial settings. He was subsequently discharged the following year for ignoring the policy. Then in 2009, he prayed that proponents of church and state separation in the military wouldn't live much longer. These days, Klingenschmitt hosts a show called Pray in Jesus' Name, where, armed with a PhD. in Theology from Pat Robertson's Regent University, he apprises his audience of all the latest news in the world of Jesus.

On Klingenschmitt's most recent program, he addressed the issue of atheists, and why they're just so gosh darn stubborn and won't embrace the messiah as their lord and savior.

"They are full of the devil," he explained.

"Because demonic spirits are invisible, how would they know if there's something inside of them because they can't see it? And I'll tell you they way they can know. Because they can sense the demonic spirit tempting them to sin....You don't use your five senses to discern a demonic spirit."

In other words, you don't use any sense that we as a species have been using for over 100,000 years to survive in the world we call reality. Rather, you use a sixth sense which somehow hasn't been incapacitated by the invisible demon inside you.

You also use this handy depiction: "a graphic -- or artist's conception -- of what a demon might look like."


This presentation sounds somewhat similar to this:

So there you have it, you godless heathens. Your atheism has nothing to do with what you believe to be a lack of convincing evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and vicarious redemption, and everything to do with the fact that you are possessed by the devil, or maybe even, the Super Devil.

God help you.