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How The Daily Banter Built an Audience of 5 Million Readers

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The Daily Banter is a completely independent site and has carved its own, unique identity since its launch in 2012. We've built an audience of dedicated readers over the years, reaching upwards of 5 million unique users in a single month.

In 2014, The Daily Banter's audience grew by an average of 10%/month with no increase in budget or number of writers on staff. Our social media reach has grown exponentially too with several of our articles reaching over 1 million people.

We are quoted regularly by publications like the New York Times, Washington Post, the Guardian, Salon, The Huffington Post, and Gawker for our reporting and political commentary. We’ve probably offended all of them at one point, but they still read us.

We're also read by people like Bill Maher, Patton Oswalt, and Joe Rogan, who regularly share our articles to their millions of social media followers.

How did we do this? Quite simply, through entertaining, high quality writing.

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