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Washington Post Releases PostEverything, Begins Its Slow Descent Into Buzzfeed

Yesterday morning, Adam Kushner welcomed us to PostEverything, the newest section of the WaPo website, which he would be in charge of running. You might know Kushner as the now former editor of National Journal. But this new website, PostEverything, is supposedly something new entirely.
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Yesterday morning, Adam B. Kushner welcomed us to PostEverything, the newest section of the Washington Post website, which he would be in charge of running. You might know  Adam B. Kushner as the now former editor of National Journal.

But this new website, PostEverything, is supposedly something new entirely.

"Our world has dimensions and corners, subcultures within subcultures, peoples who abuse and worship it, unseen trends that shape it and too few polyglots to make sense of it," he wrote. "The only thing as large as this world is our readers’ curiosity about it."

Go on...

"We know that a great news organization — even one as broad-minded and accomplished as this one — can’t cover all that territory. A newsroom is a finite space. The conversation about ideas (the smartest thinkers, the sharpest perspectives on the news, the best personal essays) isn’t confined exclusively to The Post, or even to the Beltway. Never trust a monopolistic claim of intelligence."

Oh so you wanna tear down the machine? Feed me more, mama bird.

"I think that in anything you do, you want to do it in an ethical way. If you work as a journalist, you want to create high-quality journalism, advancing the field. I think you should look at things and ask yourself 'how should they be?' And then work towards that direction. In a way, that makes the world a better place."

Yes! Death to the Buzzfeeds of the world!

Wait, what's that?

Oh, that last quote was from an interview with Jonah Peretti of Buzzfeed. Whoops.

This one is definitely from Kushner:

"Already, The Post features freelance contributions, essays, news analyses and opinions. The Outlook section and the op-ed page are composed almost entirely of these. PostEverything will do more, and quickly, to surprise and delight, to inform and entertain and to satisfy your curiosity."

Ah, so this is the answer to our collective ADHD and our general apathy when it comes to keeping up to date with important aspects of the world. Got it.

"The business case is simple: despite a growing hole left by the decline of print media, the public still wants news, entertainment, and great storytelling. This is why we think there is a strong business case for our ongoing investment in news."

Oh silly me, that was another Peretti quote. It's just so hard to tell some of these apart.

Here's a real one:

"So PostEverything — which you can find here, on The Post’s home page, and of course on Twitter — is an attempt to expand the conversation outward."

"Expand the conversation outward" = write stories that people will Share, Share, Share.

Or maybe not...

"We are a global media company for the social age. We don’t want to make content for Twitter or Facebook. We want to make content for the people on Twitter or Facebook.”

Oh wait, that was one last Peretti quote.