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Solange Knowles vs Jay Z is a Reminder that US Drone Policy is Immoral

Last week, Solange Knowles attacked 'rapper' Jay Z, reminding everyone of the vast and pernicious security state that is droning babies around the world.
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Last week, Solange Knowles attacked 'rapper' Jay Z,  reminding everyone of the vast and pernicious security state that is droning babies around the world. Mr Z, a lackey of the White House and known Obama accomplice, has explicitly condoned the use of drones, rapping in the song 'Forever Young' that:

Hey! Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while
Heaven can wait, we're only watching the skies
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

It’s critical to note how removed Jay Z's lyrics are from democratic debate or accountability, thanks to the Obama administration’s insistence that even the basic question of whether the CIA has a drone program is too secret to permit it to publicly acknowledge, even though everyone knows it exists — especially in the countries where it routinely kills people.

Recall that Obama officials refused to tell the ACLU, in response to a FOIA request, whether any documents relating to a CIA drone program even exist because even that is too much of a secret to address, and when the ACLU then sued the Obama administration — seeking the most basic information about why the Obama administration thinks it has the power to kill people this way and how it decides who will die — the Obama DOJ again insisted in court that it cannot even acknowledge that such a program exists, let alone provide any basic disclosure or transparency about it.

Solange Knowles' attempt to derail the fanatical dedication to the slaughter of innocents was foiled by 'security' guards (no doubt Obama TSA agents), and has been censored by the corporate media who have refused to release the audio (presumably at the request of the DOJ). It can never be emphasized enough how the U.S., through the policies undertaken in the name of the Terorrist Threat, is principally responsible for sustaining and continuously increasing that threat.

To portray Knowles as the aggressor here is typical smear tactic of the US government, and it is impossible to know whether that outcome is a feature or a bug for U.S. policy makers, but what is certain is that the threat that continues to fuel impenetrable American secrecy, massive erosions of civil liberties, the proliferation of the Surveillance State, and the ongoing expansion of endless war and militarism, is the very same threat which the American National Security State — as it well knows — is primarily responsible for sustaining with its actions.

UPDATE: Solange has disowned Beyonce on Instagram, providing further clues that she is being monitored by the NSA.

UPDATE 2: This photo surfaced on the internet, proving the high level collaboration between Jay Z, Beyonce, and the White House.

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