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Heroes Of New York: Bus Rider Gives Cold Dose Of Reality To Annoying Passenger

This man is the New Yorker all New Yorkers wish they were.

Every day, New Yorkers taking public transit see something or someone that pisses them off. But in these cases, seeing something doesn't mean saying something. About 99% of the time when someone is being inconsiderate, offensive, or a jerk, no one says a thing. Once, I saw a woman eating chicken wings on the 3 train and just throwing the bones on the floor. Did I say anything? No. Why? Because I'm not a Hero of New York, and sadly, neither are most public transit takers.

Enter an anonymous gentleman on an MTA bus.

It seems before the recording started, a woman was complaining to the driver that she was going to be late because the bus picked up a person in a wheelchair. What ensued will go down in the annals of social vigilante history, as the man decided he wasn't going to let her get away with such idiocy. As he tells her in the video, "You annoying me, so now I'm gonna speak on it."

Speak on it he did:

I don't know what awards the city of New York has in its arsenal that it could possibly give this man, but he should get all of them just to make sure he's properly recognized for doing what countless other transit riders wish they had the sack to do when faced with the same situation.

Not only that, he may have come up with the best motto for New York City ever conceived:

"This is New York. Everybody late."

As well as the best piece of life advice ever given:

"Don't be mad. Don't fuck everybody else's day up."

On behalf of all New Yorkers, thank you, anonymous MTA bus passenger, for daring to do what the rest of us only dream of doing.