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Dirty Old Man Bill O'Reilly Shows You How Not To Celebrate Memorial Day

Nothing says "remember the fallen" like interviewing a bunch of co-eds on a beach about the American Revolution.

Bill O'Reilly may be a self-proclaimed "patriot" and "culture warrior," but he's also a dirty, dirty, dirty, old man with a dirty old audience. So it's only right he'd commemorate Memorial Day -- the day America formally observes all who have fallen while serving in the United States military -- by sending one of his minions to quiz young, scantily clad women on Jones Beach on Long Island about their knowledge of military history.

O'Reilly Factor producer Jesse Watters did interview a few men, but by the end, the T&A-oriented mission of the Q&A became embarrassingly transparent.

Americans are dumb. We know this. And we love watching it in action as years of Jaywalking confirm.

But what about the interviewees?

Not that I'm against seeing scantily clad women ('Murica!), but when you hold yourself up as a great patriot who loves soldiers so much that you think Iraq war dissenters are "enemies of the state," and you're constantly lamenting the moral decline of the country, and you show five minutes of young women popping out of their bikinis in an ostensible effort to show how little Americans know about their history on Memorial Day of all days, you're not a patriot.

You are, to use your favorite word, a pinhead.

And a dirty old man.