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A Quick Lesson in Grifting: Glenn Greenwald Edition

Glenn Greenwald announced today that his employer, Pierre Omidyar's First Look Media, granted $350,000 to the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Wait until you find out who sits on the organization's board.
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Today, Glenn Greenwald tweeted the following announcement about his current employer, First Look Media:

Interesting. The Freedom of the Press Foundation received $350,000 from First Look, while the Electronic Frontier Foundation received less than a third of that sum: $100,000.

We turn our attention now to the Freedom of the Press Foundation's website and its Board of Directors and who do we see?


Ah yes, the man upon whose NSA documents First Look was founded. Who else?


That's Micah Lee, the technical editor for First Look's flagship website The Intercept. Who else?


Hey, look! It's Laura Poitras, who was the first journalist to make contact with Snowden, and who collaborated with Glenn Greenwald on a variety of NSA stories including his latest article for The Intercept. And that leads us back to the Freedom of the Press Foundation board member who first tweeted about the grant:


Of the $550,000 in grants available, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, with its board members Greenwald, Snowden, Poitras and Lee, received all but $150,000 of it. How generous!