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Right on Cue, Here Come the UCSB Shooting Truthers (Led by a Punk Icon)

It will surprise absolutely no one to learn that within a few hours of Elliot Rodger's deadly rampage last Friday night there were already conspiracy theorists taking to social media to declare the entire thing a hoax.
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I wasn't going to give the inevitable UCSB truthers any copy -- I mean that. But when somebody you spent your formative years being a big fan of turns out to be one of those leading the charge up Batshit Hill, it's tough to just shrug off completely.

It will surprise absolutely no one to learn that within a few hours of Elliot Rodger's deadly rampage last Friday night there were already conspiracy theorists taking to social media to declare the entire thing a hoax, a "false flag" operation engineered by the government for who-the-hell-knows-what reason. The reaction from the paranoiac crowd has become part of the script that these tragedies now follow, as predictable and unintentionally amusing as the second or third Republican response to an Obama-era State of the Union Address. This time around, as with every other, there was nothing in the way of proof to bolster any of the outlandish claims being made, only the unyielding suspicion and blind speculation we've come to expect.

Recent events have proven that it's not always a good idea to ignore these idiots because they are, in fact, capable of doing real damage. But we also want to be careful about elevating mere extras in the conspiracy comedy and giving them a platform they might not otherwise have had. They want the attention, as we've seen. It turns out, though, that one of those lining up with the incipient UCSB truther movement and loudly proclaiming its articles of faith is a punk icon quite a bit of my generation grew up really being into: Exene Cervenka, vocalist and co-founder of the legendary L.A. band X.

Apparently, Exene's been a hardcore conspiracy theorist for a while, but I admit that this is the first I've heard of it. Yesterday, she posted a series of tweets questioning whether Rodger's rampage was nothing more than government-sponsored trickery. In the tweets, she linked to a couple of YouTube videos -- because that's what qualifies as investigative journalism in a post-Loose Change world -- one of which claims to have proof, proof that replacement window panes were essentially on hand and ready to go at one of the shooting locations where glass was damaged. This is supposed to show, I guess, that someone knew in advance that the attack was going to happen, proving that it was a staged event. Yeah, as usual, don't try to think too hard about it -- it'll only give you a migraine.

Another video promoted by Exene alleges that the shadowy figures who engineered UCSB are the same ones responsible for, among other mass-casualty events, Sandy Hook. The video's creator also attacks our story on the Sandy Hook truther who came forward to brag about having stolen two panels from two separate memorial playgrounds for Sandy Hook victims, saying that someone who honestly believed Sandy Hook was a hoax would never do something that would draw negative attention to the movement. Right. Because these fuckwits are worried about bad publicity. (By the way, he then goes on to describe Illuminati symbols on the sign taken from Chase Kowalski's playground and highlights a separate YouTube clip from a woman who claims that our entire story is bullshit and the guy who sent us the photos we published last week is, in fact, part of the big conspiracy.)

Exene has her own YouTube channel where she posts clips in which she rants about the supposedly staged Boston Marathon Bombing and alludes to Miley Cyrus and Bill Clinton as being "Illuminati finger puppets." Sad when you think that this is the woman who gave us one of the most bracing and powerful albums of the punk era, Los Angeles, and who occasionally still shares mic duty with the brilliant John Doe. Oh well, I guess punk rock can always use it's own Victoria Jackson. Although if I could say anything at all to Exene as a former snotty little punk shit-heel myself, it'd be that there's a big difference between being anti-establishment and just being really fucking stupid.

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