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Why We Need To Get Rid Of Them Before They Get Rid Of Us

It’s hard to say what We actually want. It’s much easier to say what We don’t want – that’s simple. We don’t want Them’. We want Not Them really bad. So what do We want? We want ‘Not Them Not Here’. That’s our slogan. NOT THEM. NOT HERE.
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A Vote For Us Is Not A Vote For Them


Your future is now your present

Look around you. This present is the future. Do you like what you see? Is this present that used to be the future what you imagined as a child? And what about the future present for your children? How will that present in the future look? 

Well, we can tell you about a future you won’t like… 

It’s a future where You have a terrible life at the hands of Them. We see a future where people called They have taken what’s Yours.


We do want to frighten You, so We will say We believe there’s a war coming - it’s Us vs Them and it’s time to pick a side.

Us or Them. We or They.

Who are We?

Not that important. All you should be thinking about is that we are not Them. But if you must know; We are Us and we always have been Us. We are committed to being Us and making sure nothing changes Us. We are the opposite of Them. 


Who are They?

They are people that aren’t like Us. Them there with funny accents who don’t have Christmas. And Them with hard-to-say names and excellent mathematics skills. And Them with consistently good showings at Eurovision Song Contests. Again, let’s not be too hung up on the specifics at this point. What you need to keep in mind is They are not Us, and that is unsettling and probably bad.

They are coming Here for Your jobs

They want to come Here. Here is all they think about. They are coming Here for your jobs. They don’t want their own jobs – they want your jobs. Even if they are an engineer over there, they don’t want to be that Here they want to be what you do even if it’s worse than being an engineer – someone who teaches engineers.


They get sick on purpose

They also want to get very sick with something like cancer and then and go to your hospitals. They are plotting that as we speak and smoking extra cigarettes while they plot. And whose cigarettes are they? They are Your cigarettes. They are taking the cigarettes out of Your mouths and riddling Their organs with cancer that is rightfully Yours. 


They want Here to be There

They want to be like You and be from Here, but, really, they hate You and everything You and Us stand for. It’s odd We know. They really want to come Here and They want what You have… but at the same time They want to change how it is Here to how it is There. You’d think They’d just stay There - but no - They want to be Here – but a Here that’s more like There. 


What do We want?

It’s hard to say what We actually want. That takes a lot of thought. If We say what We want, You might ask us how We plan on making that happen. Ouch. To answer the question ‘what do We want’ without answering it, we probably want ‘Values’ or some-such. 

It’s much easier to say what We don’t want –that’s simple. We don’t want Them’. We want Not Them really bad. So what do We want? We want ‘Not Them Not Here’. 

That’s our slogan. NOT THEM. NOT HERE. 

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What We stand for.

As Us we stand for the things that You stand for because we are Us but we are also You… even though You are not yet Us. As Us we stand for ‘Values.’ These Values are easy enough for everyone to believe in but, again, weirdly, They don’t agree with these values. These values are, in fact, only really cherished by Us. 

Here is for people like Us

Here needs Us to make sure Here stays for people like You if you are people like Us. Here is perfect, and if you don’t like it, you should leave Here now! Get your ass out of Here! Here is problem free! Except for the problems caused by Them. 

How many of Them are there?

There are a lot of Them. Nobody actually knows just how many of Them there are, but enough that You should be worried and constantly swabbing Your teenagers for pregnancy stains and drug burns. Let’s use the words ‘tide’, ‘swarm’, ‘plague,’ and if we can get away with it, ‘army’. 

They are everywhere that We aren’t and their numbers are growing every day because they voraciously sex each other to please their Gods. There are more of Them than Us so worry. Also You, or someone You love could become one of them at any moment just by standing next to them in an elevator, and if You have kids it might already be too late; Your kids might be learning to be Them through exposure to chanting voodoo-style music and the chatrooms on the Internet.

Things need to change

Things need to be the opposite of what they are now. Everything needs to change. The people who are in charge of things right now have done every single thing wrong. I know. It sounds like that would be impossible, but it’s not. You’d think that maybe even 1% of the things they’ve done were right but think again. All wrong. You’d assume that lots of the things that the current guys have done We would have done because this is a huge tanker that is nearly impossible to turn around – but no. 100% bad at running Here. Again this is mostly due to paying attention to Them and not to You.


Time to go back

Not only do things need to change – they actually need to go backwards. Back to a time when We were alone Here and in total control. But woah. Not too far back. 

If You go too far back, You might come across the part When we were Them and moving in Here even though someone else was Here and They were Us. Let’s stop going back when we see Our boats.

What are You going to do about Them? 

Yelling is good. Also maybe buy a gun. But if You feel like doing nothing then We would happy with that too. We’ll do what needs to be done. All You have to do is not vote. The rest will be handled by Us and the people like Us.

Finally A Pledge From Us

We pledge to keep Them out of Here. Here is for Us and we need to defend Here for people like Us and keep Them where they belong – There. Here is Ours and We need to safeguard it from Them for many reasons…which are many good reasons… but we know that you are busy. So here is a picture of some people like Us and You making sandcastles.

Family on beach making sand castles smi