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Did Raw Story Just Slander Tucker Carlson?

Raw Story wrote an incredibly trolly headline about Tucker Carlson, and it could be slanderous.
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Tucker Carlson is, as we say in the UK, a first class prat. The former bow-tie wearing 'Cross Fire' star and head honcho at rightwing content mill the Daily Caller goes out of his way to be dickish in public, using the tried and tested formula of being disagreeable to boost notoriety.

Nevertheless, when media outlets call him out on his dickishness, it helps to be accurate.

Raw Story's David Edwards penned a post calling Carlson out for his sexism regarding dating. On the Fox News show Out Numbered, Carlson had lambasted men for not living up to their "manly responsibility" when it came to treating women with old-school chivalry. The content of the post is fair enough (Carlson's views on dating are perhaps more appropriate for the 19th century), but the headline is not only trolly, but possibly slanderous.

Here was Carlson's actual quote on women paying for dinners on the second date:

“Men, who on the second date, let their date pay for dinner, I’m sorry that’s disgusting...and I don’t care. The new norms are, he shouldn’t allow it. Period."

And here was Raw Story's headline:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson: Women who pay for men’s dinners are ‘disgusting’

There is no way that Carlson's quote can be read that way - none.

Whether you like the sentiment or not, Carlson was clearly saying that the act of a man paying for a woman's dinner on the second date is disgusting, and not that women who pay for men's dinners are disgusting. It is a very, very important distinction, as one infers Carlson is a bit old-fashioned, and the other that Carlson hates women.

This is, in my view, slanderous and Raw Story should retract the headline and apologize to Tucker.

Even if he is a dick...