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This Awesome Map Shows You Where All The States Are

The internet has been flooded with lots of fancy maps that show each state's beer drinking tendencies, sexual performance, preferred meats etc etc. But when most young Americans can't find Ohio on a map, why not just stick to the basics?

If it’s not too late to get in on the sweet viral map action that’s taken social media by storm, I’ve got a doozy of a map that every American needs to see. It’s a map of the United States that shows all 50 states. That’s right: all 50! 

I know what you’re thinking: “But Mike, this can’t be a very good map because it doesn’t show any important information. Where are the stereotypes of each state? Or favorite beers? Or favorite musical artists? Or most unique jobs? Or biggest party schools? Surely this map would be greatly enhanced by this kind of insightful data that’s based on clear-cut objective metrics.”

I hear you, mon ami. You have every right to be skeptical. Who among us wouldn’t benefit immensely from a map showing each state’s preferred meat, or what each state is the worst at, or which lasts the longest in bed, or who’s the worst person from each state? These are all very important things to know. Very important indeed.

But it would be a shame if this valuable information failed to reach those countless individuals on Facebook and Twitter simply because those people couldn’t identify the states, which is a problem since most viral maps don’t actually list the states’ names. They simply assume the reader already knows them.

And that’s why this map is so important for a country where most young adults can’t find Ohio on a map.

Additionally, just 4% of Americans have looked at a map of the United States for more than five consecutive seconds according to a recent Cornell University study. And although I just made that up, this shocking statistic highlights the need for greater geographic literacy among Americans.

So while viral map posts have garnered their fair share of views, there are millions more that remain untapped. That’s why this map aims to equip the geographically illiterate with the knowledge they need to identify the states even when their names aren’t listed. This will allow them to fully appreciate far more important state maps like wine consumption per capitamost popular television shows, and least popular musicians.

Teaching Americans basic geography is no doubt an ambitious goal. But you can help this noble cause by sharing this groundbreaking map on social media. And together, I believe we can succeed where America’s elementary school teachers failed.

(image source: Wikipedia)