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THE MORNING BANTER: Maddow's Bundy Rage, Why We Fight Over Music, MST3K Revisited, and How Not To Get Drunk

It's Friday April 25th, 2014 -- or as Cliven Bundy calls it, Friday April 25th, 1814. Here are your headlines and a few internet tidbits to get you through the morning.
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It's Friday April 25th, 2014 -- or as Cliven Bundy calls it, Friday April 25th, 1814. Here are your headlines and a few internet tidbits to get you through the morning.

1. Yes, it's long, but carve out a chunk of your time this morning and watch this clip from last night's Maddow show. What she does here is extraordinary, and that's precisely what's so infuriating because she shouldn't have been the only one digging beneath the surface of Cliven Bundy's anti-government rhetoric to uncover the darkness at the center of his ideology. If someone else had -- like, say, Fox News -- it wouldn't have come as a shock to the right when he started mouthing off about "the negro."

2. Gregory! Gregory! He's our man! If he can't do it -- well, fuck it, we'll just keep going.

The Huffington Post: NBC News President Stands By David Gregory

3. Eight long years ago I wrote this over at Deus Ex Malcontent:

It typically comes during the formative years, and its sheer weight cannot be overstated, simply because -- upon reflection later in life -- it will always be held in the kind of esteem and spoken of with the kind of reverence typically reserved for a first kiss or a conversion to Christ. I'm speaking of course of that single, epiphanic event which inarguably determines if not the final outcome of your musical tastes, then at the very least the path that will be taken to eventually arrive at that point. It is the juncture which often decides whether you'll spend entire evenings passionately arguing the merits of the new Secret Machines album, or debating the necessity of Muse's existence were it not for the fact that Radiohead doesn't write actual songs anymore -- or think to yourself that you might pick up that new Mariah Carey record at some point. Whether you'll seduce a potential lover with a mix playlist that includes Jeff Buckley, Marvin Gaye, Zero 7 and Protection-era Massive Attack, then inevitably have mind-blowing sex with that person to the Deftones' Change (in the House of Flies) -- or half-heartedly try to decide between Kenny G and Enigma should you actually convince someone of the opposite sex to spend an evening with you in a manner that doesn't involve chloroform and a tube-sock. To put it simply, it will decide whether or not you suck.

For those of us who don't just listen to music but worship it, our tastes are often the territory over which we'll go to war. And if your tastes are awful, God help you. But the question is: has it become a losing battle regardless, with snobbery and populism now one and the same? Two music critics discuss.

NPR: Why Do We Fight About Pop Music?

4. It seemed like such a simple concept that it's easy to forget just how brilliant it was. Here's how it all came together -- and fell apart.

Wired: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Definitive Oral History of a TV Masterpiece

5. This is sincerely the most important thing that's ever been posted here. It will change your life this weekend.

Esquire: How To Drink All Night and Not Get Drunk